7 Freaky Hazards of Blogging! #5 Can Make you Infertile!

Are you aware of the hazards of blogging?

Let start…

One of those things you and I are overlooking when it comes blogging as well as frequent usage of computer are the risks that accompany using them.

You always claim that blogging is FUN. Am I right? Have you ever thought of the physical, health and emotional hazards of blogging?

Just like you, I have not been paying attention to the hazards blogging can have until a few weeks back when i experienced a little bit of itching/watery eyes for two days before i went to an Ophthalmologist.

That was when I started to be careful of the effects of incessant computer usage especially for bloggers and other people whose work are always connected with Computers.

Despite the fact that my eyes are now okay but I have taken it as a responsibility to warn friends, readers, bloggers and everyone who are always connected to working with a computer of its possible dangers.

In order to protect yourself so as to see blogging as FUN – just the way you always claim, make sure you prevent yourself from these 7 hazards of blogging and other frequent computer usage.


7 Hazards of Blogging you need to know

1.) Inability to have Time for Yourself, Friends and Family in General

I guess everyone knows what I mean by this. If you have truely fallen in love with blogging, you will always create time for it. Many bloggers create more than 10 hours per day as regards their blogs.

The time are allocated to to things like blog post research, writing of blog posts, blog commenting, guest posting, moderation of comments, blog post promotion and other important chores when it comes to blogging.

Hazards of Blogging

This is going to have adverse effect on how you relate with your friends and family because much of the time you are suppose to allocate to these people are totally being used on computer via blogging.

2.) Eating of Junk foods

Before i got married, I used to stay glued to my workstation any time am working. I used to eat the kind of foods that i consider not appropriate right now.

Among the kind of food you are likely to get used to when this occur are junk foods, beverages which are known to have lots sugars. This is most likely to be because you didn’t have time to prepare a good food to eat after work.

3.) Sitting Disease

Have you ever heard of the sitting disease?

A growing number of researchers have found that having a longer period of inactivity while sitting down can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

In a related research published in the Journal of Internet Medical Research:
It was discovered that those who spent the most time on a computer were 1.5 times more likely to be overweight and 2.5 more likely to be obese than those who did not use a computer at all. Even those adult computer users who had high levels of physical activity were 1.86 times more likely to be overweight or obese than people who spent no time on computers.
As a blogger, you are more likely to spend much of your sitting down while working. If this is done without limit, you are more likely to have sitting disease.

 4.) Sleepless Nights

I also used to fall victim of this in the past. Keeping Night-outs is not good for our health generally. You might fall victims of this when you have a deadline to meet or some other important things that must be done before the next day.

This can actually ruin our lives because keeping late night is not good at all.

5.) Infertility and Low Sperm Count due to Incessant Laptop Usage

Apart from other well known factors that can cause low sperm count and infertility, blogging can also be another factor. You are advised not to place your laptop on your lap while working.


According to a research by Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, as well as an associate professor of urology and the lead author of this study , which was conducted at the State University of New York who said and I quote:

By 2005, there will be a predicted 150 million laptop computers in use worldwide. Continued improvements in power, size and price have favored their increased use in younger people and laptop sales now exceed those of desktop computer. He also explained that Laptops can reach internal operating temperatures of over 70 degrees Celsius. They are frequently positioned close to the scrotum and as well as being capable of producing direct local heat, they require the user to sit with high thighs close together to balance the machines, which traps the scrotum between the thighs.

He also said:

The effect of short-term exposure can be reversible, but if men don’t give themselves time to recover, if they use laptop computers on a daily basis for years, it can take from three months to a year to recover. And the effect can be irreversible, which is very difficult to treat.

Another Male fertility specialist named Paul Turek at the University of California, San Francisco also commented,

“It’s a provocative study. I’m hoping people do take note of it, so we can start to assess the clinical meaning of it.”

Despite the other conflicting report, you as a frequent user of computer should take note of this so that you would not fall victim of infertility.

Save your Next Generation!

6.) Back Injury

When you fall in love with computer, you are more likely to fall in love with this problem. This can put anyone to risks of getting shoulder, neck and upper back pain,  lower back and sciatic nerve pain.

7.) Eye Strain

Eye strain and having an itchy/watery eye is a common problem which can be noticed on an individual who has become more connected to blogging if too much time is spent on it without restrictions.

If you experience this, you are more likely to experience headache accompanied with generally body weakness.

Other bad effects which blogging can have on us are: RSI, Acute Blogger’s Elbow, Devoting too much personal time to blogging e.t.c.

Conclusion on the hazards of blogging

I know there are many hazards blogging and other computer usage can adversely impose on our lives as well as our health. However, we should always take note of those I have pointed out in this post..

I would love to read your comment about these hazards of blogging because I want to know what you think about them – which of them have you fallen into, what steps are using taking to avoiding having issues with these hazards.

I would also like to add more blogging hazards to this list, Why not comment about other dangers of blogging you know apart from this! You can save more bloggers that you might think of! Thank you.