If you’re reading this currently, chances are that in the next two to four years, you’ll lose your current job or probably run out of business.

You’re probably curious to know why?

I’ll tell you.

Like my friend will always say, “Whatever you do, Marry the virgins”.

The reason why you’re going to lose your JOB or run out of BUSINESS very soon is this; 

“You’re not marrying the virgins.”

What this means is;

  • You FAIL to learn the various skills needed to keep you relevant in your job or business. 
  • Alas! you get FIRED.. Or you get beaten by your competitors

The end result is, you get BROKE every now and then! 

It’s that easy.                       Let’s be Frank;

The Traditional Educational System is already COMPROMISED - hence the need to stack Valuable Skills that get results super FAST & Succeed as an Entrepreneur.

The world is moving fast and everyone is trying to keep their antennas up-to-date in their various field.

The truth is, your Competitor is out there paying hundreds of thousands of NAIRA to know so much so as to beat you and take the lead.

And chances are, they will soon push you out of business unless you take ACTION.

Now, what if I give you a solution that’ll not only make you a badass in any skill but also make you up-to-date on trends/strategies and make you relevant in your job and business.

Let me introduce you to the:

1K Digital Mentoring For Entrepreneurs by Jamiu Oloyede Academy

With subscription fee starting from #1000 you can learn any SKILL you want and be an EXPERT in 30 days.

Did you just shake in unbelief

I’d do the same if I were in your shoes.

Here in 1K Digital Mentoring For Entrepreneurs, you’ll get,

  • Live Online Tainings & Courses of your choice from experts on skills ranging from Chatbot Automation, Profitable Writing Masterclass,  Mini-Importation, Website Design, Amazon Self Publishing, Online Course Creation, Data Reselling Business, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization,  Social media Marketing, Sales Funnel Creation, Email Marketing, JVZoo Affiliate marketing and other technological know-how..

Just Name it & we will bring an expert to teach you with just N1K monthly.

  • Free access to E-books, and video courses on digital marketing, online marketing, chatbot or any online course of your choice as follow-up materials to the main training.

  • Free One Month subscription that takes you from novice to professional in any field in a space of 30 days for any topic.

  • Free Access to our team in case of any project regarding any of our courses you’re working on.

That’s not all,

You’ll also get :

  • MENTORSHIP from the DMA team or members to help in any part of your business you’re having a problem with.

  • And many more...

You don’t have to run out of business due to lack of basic skills to run them.

1K Digital Mentoring For Entrepreneurs is open to Everyone. Students, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Coaches etc.

You don’t need to spend thousands of naira or dollars learning that skill or become an expert.

Enough of Trial and Errors.

Guess what, If you happen not be be satisfied with our mentoring program , You’ll get a 100% Money-back guarantee - as long as you provide evidence that you took every of the instruction and yet got no result.

You’ll be refunded your money and allowed to go with all the knowledge already acquired.

Now, what do you say?

With Subscription Fee starting from as low as #1000, you can make a Difference for Yourself and for People and Businesses around you. 

You want to be a BADASS & Earn More Online?

NOTE: Due to the high number of interested persons for this Mentoring Program, Admission for the first intake of the “1K Digital Mentoring for Entrepreneurs”  might be shutting down in the next 24-hours.


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