Chatbot Boom Masterclass

Learn how to build and make money from Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

  • Learn how I build highly converting facebook messenger chatbots without CODING [If you know how to handle your laptop mouse, then you should be able to do this]
  • FREE & PAID methods to MASSIVELY grow your chatbot subscribers.
  • You would learn how to promote products & services to people who interact with your chatbot at any time of the day either manually or automatically - get traffic, leads & sales.
  • Learn how to make money from Chatbots with Case Studies, Access to 20+ FREE Chatbot Templates, Certification,  & Lot more...

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Customer Testimonials:

Salam alaikum, JazakumuLlahu khiaran for the opportunity created for me to learn chatbot better.  I have been struggling to learn it by reading books and watching videos on youtube.  But you came, created a value, drop the summarized killer videos and impacted lives.

Muhydeen Imran - Chatbot Marketer

Before now, I never knew that I would be able to use this software without learning a line of code. Chatbot Mastery course would definitely teach you the step-by-step guide to be a chatbot master without stress. Great course wonderful Instructor!!!

Abu Mar'yam - Chatbot Buider

"At last, You too can master Facebook Messenger Chatbot Without Coding"

When people message me that their Chatbot is no longer working for some reasons [I know why] or their messenger bot has been disabled by the obvious, I know they've done something wrong.

They know they would get the right answer from me because Chatfuel made me an Official Creator & Partner.

I'm the ONLY 1, chosen from Africa among other experts from United States, Europe & Asia.

Scratch that...

They heard about Chatbot and jumped into it without learning the basics + the rules guiding facebook bots.

It's understandable....

Many want to learn how to build and leverage chatbot for their business.

Some people want to use Chatbot to drive traffic and sales.

Some are looking for ways they can make money with Chatbot.

All the same.. I have been there!

I have sold products with Chatbot.

I have helped others sell products with Chatbot.

I have earned from Chatbot both in Dollars & Naira (Actively & Passively)

I know my way around chatbot.

Why should you care about Chatbots?

According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025.

Chatbot technology are changing the way businesses communicate these days.

Look at how Nigerian banks are using this same technology to automate banking & non-banking operations all within facebook messenger.

✅ Early this year, UBA unveiled their chatbot named LEO and almost three months ago, it was announced it’s now launched in 5 African countries... imagine that.

✅ Diamond bank followed the same thing in March…. Their own Chatbot was named ADA.

This is not only happening in Nigeria but all over the world.

How do you want to prepare when this technology fully gain ground in Nigeria?

Introducing Chatbot Boom Masterclass...

In a step by step, 7 days training, I would take my time to teach you:

✅ How I build highly converting facebook messenger chatbots without CODING [If you know how to handle your laptop mouse, then you should be able to do this]

✅ Learn how to write chatbot scripts - avoid getting banned by facebook.

✅ FREE & PAID methods to MASSIVELY grow your chatbot subscribers - get traffic, leads & sales.

✅ [Case study] - How I used chatbot to generate 467 qualified leads for a client in just 25 days

✅ Learn how to engage your chatbot subscribers the right way + how to avoid your chatbot from being banned.

✅ You would learn how to promote products & services to people who interact with your chatbot at any time of the day either manually or automatically.

✅ Learn how to deliver lead magnets automatically via messenger.

✅ You would learn how to add a rating system to chatfuel chatbot

✅ You would learn how to collect email from your chatbot users and send to google sheet without coding.

✅ Learn how to manually integrate mailchimp with your chatbot

✅ You learn how to make money from chatbots - Learn about different ways you can get paid as a chatbot builder.

✅ [Case study] - How a guy made $800k building chatbots for others within a year - how you too can do the same

✅ [Certification] - You also get certified as a chatbot developer in Nigeria - My partner (A top educational company in the US) & I would issue you a certificate if you complete the programme.

✅ 5 hours+ of video content.

Not ONLY that, I have put together incredible fast action bonuses for you if you order within the next three hours ONLY.

✅ You would get access to my Chatbot Mastery Ebook (Currently selling at $14.99 on amazon)

✅ Access Free Chatbot templates for 20+ niches - [I WILL also show you how to quickly build different kind of chatbots for different businesses in matter of hours (drag & supply your own personalized content - your bot is ready)]

Some of them are: Beauty Salon Chatbot | Digital Marketing Agency Chatbot | Freelancer Chatbot | Real estate Chatbot / Ecommerce Chatbot | Dentist Chatbot Laundry Chatbot Chatbot for Fitness Coaches | Marketing Agencies Chatbot Job recruitment Chatbot Plumber Chatbot Weather Forecast Chatbot Motivational Quotes Chatbot | Restaurant Chatbot | Coffee Shop Chatbot | Insurance Agent | Influencer Chatbot | Facebook Group Chatbot | Blogger Chatbot e.t.c.

✅ You would also get lifetime access to my PAID laundry chatbot template (Currently selling at $79 on Botmakers)

✅ I will send you ANOTHER bonus course that will show you EXACTLY how to integrate chatbot with your WEBSITE without coding.

The counting start now, please click on the link below to get instant access to the programme.


Alternatively, you can enroll by paying N4,500 to the account below. Then notify us via +2348167082704 on Whatsapp :

Jamiu Oloyede

UBA bank (Savings) 


Need support? Please call: +2348167082704


Why I'm I the best person to deliver this?

You know what!

If you are going below this line, it's most likely you are still doubting me but I can give a 101 reasons why I'm the best person to deliver this right now.

& that's definitely going to defeat the purpose of this letter as you won't be able to finish reading it.

You continue to waste your time reading till eternity.

The fact is that I have taught this same chatbot marketing & monetization to over 3,000 students worldwide in which top students locations are United states & India.

You can see my cumulative ratings right there.

Getting an average rating of almost 5 star from 3k+ students should tell you something. 

What others are saying...

Well, many have gone through my training and left great reviews.

Mallam Muhyideen was just like you before he enrolled and started using this same knowledge to render services on fiverr

Joy Rich is a network marketer from the United States. 

At the point of meeting me, she complained that her hands were always paining her while promoting her business on facebook and she enrolled and today, it helped her business automation.

See her testimonial below:

Finally, you have 2 options:

Option #1: You take the info on this page, you try to figure it out like one of my past students Muhydeen, wasting all your time & money, maybe you would eventually get it right.

although he told me he didn't get it right until he enrolled for this training - see the image below:

Option #2: Leverage my expertise & brain by enrolling for this training, become a Facebook Chatbot PRO & Monetize your knowledge.

Consider it as a lifetime investment to yourself and in making a change in your life before the end of 2019 and beyond. 


Alternatively, you can enroll by paying N4,500 to the account below. Then notify us via +2348167082704 on Whatsapp:

Jamiu Oloyede

UBA bank (Savings) 


Need support? Please call: +2348167082704


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