Design Bundle Review – The Good, Bad And Ugly

If you are used to marketing and advertising online, you will know that  graphics and designs are very important in every online business’ marketing process. The average internet user sees up to 15 – 20 posts everyday online, and pictures most times influence their decision of what posts to read or product to check out. So for … Read more

Black Friday 2018 : Get 5 Courses, 1 Ebook, 20+ Chatbot Templates

For black friday 2018, I want to challenge all those that think that it is impossible to get access to all my courses (5 in TOTAL), Chatbot Mastery ebook, over 20 free chatbot templates for different businesses or EVEN my latest Udemy Business 1 Year Training package. If you read till the end, you would learn how … Read more

Sqribble Review — The good, bad and ugly

Looking for a trusted sqribble review? Let’s face it, we all want more traffic, more subscribers and more daily sales. And there’s one simple solution that still works like gangbusters for this — eBooks. Whether it’s a powerful lead magnet such as a free report or whitepaper, or a Kindle book that you sell daily… digital books … Read more

build email list from scratch

11 Experts Reveal how they would Build an Email List from Scratch

Let me throw this question to you.. how would you build an email list from scratch? In today’s Expert Roundup post, they would be teaching us how to build a responsive email list from scratch. Just like the popular saying that money is in the list, building an email list is something every one should not take with levity … Read more

7 Freaky Hazards of Blogging! #5 Can Make you Infertile!

Are you aware of the hazards of blogging? Let start… One of those things you and I are overlooking when it comes blogging as well as frequent usage of computer are the risks that accompany using them. You always claim that blogging is FUN. Am I right? Have you ever thought of the physical, health and emotional hazards … Read more

17 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Blog Contents

If you have been blogging for few years now, you might have been thinking of creative ways to recycle old blog contents to bring more traffic, more readers and hence a greater exposure for you blog and your brand in general. Depending on the niche you are in, there are different ways to recycle your blog articles … Read more